San Diego Diamond Buyers pays Cash for Diamonds

Best Place to Sell a Diamond in San Diego


San Diego Diamond Buyers – Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego pays cash for diamond. Come in today and sell your diamond.

If you are looking to get cash for diamonds in San Diego, check out Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego.

Our expert San Diego diamond buyers will evaluate your diamond and give you a cash for diamond San Diego offer on the spot.

The process is quick yet thorough. Our San Diego diamond buyers will check your diamond’s cut, clarity, color and carat weight. They also check for florescence in the diamond using a special light. We use diamond lamps that are specifically designed for determining the color of your diamond.

Our diamond dealers can determine the weight of your diamond by putting it in a carat scale. If the diamond is set in a setting, precise measurement instruments and diamond charts are used to measure the diamond’s length, width and height and then the weight can be estimated by formula.

The clarity of the diamond is determined by looking at and through the diamond. There are different characteristics that are included in most diamonds, called inclusions. Inclusions are things inside the diamond that are included when it forms in the ground. They can be black spots, “clouds”, “feathers” and other forms of inclusions. Depending on the location of the inclusion and the amount of inclusions inside the diamond, a clarity grade is assigned to the diamond. These grades can go from “internally flawless” or IF to “included” grades such as I-1, I-2 and I-3 for the most included diamonds.

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