Sell Silver

If you have silver and want to sell it for high prices, you have come to the right place.


Demand pure economic principle Gold and silver supply does not grow as much as demand Less gold more demand, competition high price Where is demand coming from?

Many people know the value in investing in gold or sell silver in Chula Vista, CA 91910 therefore look for it hence price increases many people want to hedge their cash, funds against uncertainties.

Political Economy, Politics Wars, bulging deficits, San Diego bring uncertainty in markets People rush to buy gold and silver as they perceive these to be stable as compared to cash e.g. person from different countries can take their gold and sell in the States but can’t do so with their currency This pushes demand and we are back to our supply and demand argument With so much uncertainty across the globe, price will always be high

Value of the US Dollars dollar is used to value most prices of commodities. An act called pegging the price if the value of the dollar goes down, then it becomes cheaper to buy these metals including gold and silver this pushes demand and we are back to our supply and demand argument

Conclusion As an investor, its crucial to understand what affects the price of your investments Gold & Silver prices have steadily held their position or even performed better Supply and demand brought about by geo-political factors and the actual value of the US$ have been central to the price of silver and gold.

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